Register on the Binance on the most favorable terms

Open a Binance account using the link from the official partners of the exchange and get from 20 to 45% commission refund from transactions on the best cryptocurrency exchange.

Use the referral code Z5J6SCD3 to get your discount!
How it works
2 easy steps to get a 45% discount on your commission
Register using promo code from the partner
Trade on the exchange and hold BNB token to pay fees

About the Program

The Binance cryptocurrency exchange is currently an exchange with a record cash turnover per day. This is what attracts new crypto traders to the futures and spot cryptocurrency markets. To make trading profitable, many traders are looking for ways to get promo codes and bonuses for trading.

Here you will find all the necessary information to get the maximum discount from the official partner of the Binance exchange. Note that the only sure way to maximize savings when trading cryptocurrencies is to register using a referral link or a referral id. Our referral link contains the maximum possible discount percentage, with which you will receive a discount of 20% on trading on the spot market.

To get a discount on commissions, you just need to register using our referral link or use the referral ID promo code — Z5J6SCD3. This promo code gives you the maximum discount on commissions when trading on the exchange.

How to get the 45% discount?
If you use a referral link for 20%, as well as a 25% discount for BNB token holders, then Binance gives you a 45% discount on the commission when making transactions on the spot market:

To start trading with a promo code with a discount on the Binance commission, click on our referral link above, the official website of the exchange will open.
You will see a registration window where the procedure is quite simple. When registering with a referral ID (Z5J6SCD3), you must enter it in the field below the email and password fields.
After you have entered the ID or clicked on the referral link, you will see a signature under the referral ID or above the registration window. That signature says what you are getting a 20% discount.

To get a 45% discount after registration, you must enable the payment of commissions using the BNB cryptocurrency (Binance coin).

To reduce the commission Binance with the help of BNB tokens, you need to click on the "Services" — "Fees" tab at the very bottom of the site, then find the panel with commissions, then click on the button and thereby activate the use of BNB:
It’s important to note that to get a discount with a BNB token, there must be the necessary amount of it.

The screenshot below shows the commission on the spot market:

1) No discount;
2) With a discount using BNB;
3) With the maximum discount for those who registered using the referral ID + BNB.
Note: The "Maker" commission is taken when you make a trade using a limit order and fill the glass with a sale or purchase, and the "Taker" if you make a commission using a market order or a stop order-the limit, which when triggered is executed instantly on the market. Also note that if you have large capital or your monthly turnover is more than 50, then you get an additional discount.
1. The spot market is a market with special conditions for the settlement of transactions between traders. And all orders in this market are called cash or spot orders. On BINANCE, after registering and opening an account, you are already on the spot market by default with the appropriate settings;

2. Margin trading. Here, the trading process is the same as in a regular spot market, but you can trade with a leverage of up to 10x;

3. Futures trading. The difference from the spot market is that you trade "contracts" and do not get real coins at your disposal. A shoulder of up to 125x is also available. Be very careful when trading with such shoulders!

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